There are different types of shipping containers serving different purposes. Below is a brief description of the most common types of maritime containers to help you understand them better and help you make the right choice, should you decide to purchase one at some point.

10, 20, 40 Foot Dry Storage Containers

These happen to be the most common container types and they are primarily used for shipping dry goods where temperature controls is not necessary. They are also the common types available for container rentals or for sale.

Flat Rack Containers

These are containers designed for heavy cargo and loads that require loading from the sides or the top. Flat rack containers may or may not have walls and they are available in 20 and 40 foot sizes.

Open top containers

Just as the name suggest, open top containers don’t have solid roofs but removal bows and weatherproof tarpaulin to act as roofs. With this kind of roof structure, this container type makes it easy to load and unload cargo and they are preferred for shipping heavy machinery.

Tunnel Containers

Tunnel containers have doors on both ends. They are ideal in situations where quick loading and unloading of cargo is needed.

Open side containers

With this type of shipping container, the doors can be modified to form open sides. With a completely open side, these containers are highly recommended for loading, unloading, storing and shipping wide merchandise.

Insulated and thermal containers

These shipping containers are fitted with temperate controls and they are used for shipping temperature sensitive goods such as sensitive foods or produce.

Double Door Containers

A double door shipping container makes it effortless to load and unload goods. The doors of this container are located both at the ends and on the sides, and they are typically made of iron and steel. They are available in the standard sizes of 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers.