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40’ Container

40 Foot Container Used or New

You can get robust and secured 40 foot containers made from durable steel for any use from S.E.A. Containers. These can be used for storage purposes, shipping, accommodation, as well as a number of other users.

The 40 foot container is especially convenient for long-term storage. It is an ideal solution if you want to transport slightly large equipment, furniture or different kinds of products, or when you have a large number of items to store and do not intend to move the 40’ container around.

Commonly, we have 40’ containers in two sizes: standard size and high cube size. The standard size containers have a height of 8’6” while the high cubes are 9’6” high. These containers, like all our shipping and storage containers, are available for hire/rental and for purchase. In addition, you can select between new containers and used containers.

Our 40’ containers are great for storing property of all kinds including inventory, equipment, food products, documents and household goods. In addition, with a little modification, which we can do, you can convert them into canteens, offices, kitchens, clubs and different facilities. Take two 40 foot containers together and you have yourself ample space to do just about anything you want.

The 40 foot container can be transported easily when empty, but requires special transport once it’s full. Since most trucks are limited to 25,000 pounds, 40-foot containers can only be moved around using a crane. The extra head-room makes it an ideal choice for users intending to convert the container for other uses.

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