Used Containers

Used Shipping Containers for Storage

S.E.A. provides used shipping containers that are in excellent condition for you to buy. Second-hand shipping containers are a good choice when you have a limited budget to work with. You get the same high quality product that S.E.A is known to stock and sell.

The condition and specifications of all our used storage containers will be determined by the length of time they have been in use as well as what the previous owner used them for. However, prior to selling them, we ensure that the used shipping containers are in wind and watertight condition to ensure that you property will be kept safe from the elements.

Used Shipping Containers

We mostly get our used shipping containers from our own fleet of storage containers for rent; hence we can assure you that they have been very well maintained.

In addition, previous container owners approach us to buy and resell second-hand storage containers which they no longer need. For these, we will subject them to rigorous tests and inspection to ensure that they meet our standards before adding them to our fleet of used shipping container products for resale.

However, we advise our clients to view the used storage container they are interested in to ensure that the age and condition is also acceptable to their requirements prior to purchase. In particular, you should pay attention to the condition of the roof and the doors. Nonetheless, only the best quality of used shipping containers makes it to our resale fleet after thorough inspection.

Contact us with your specific used shipping container requirements and we will recommend the best product at affordable rates. Call us now!

10 ft standard containers

10' Standard Containers

These containers are constructed using anti-corrosive and high-quality steel that offers enhanced rust properties compared to conventional steel. Such features help in improving the longevity of shipping containers that are used for single trip transit.
20 ft standard containers

20' Standard Containers

These 20’ small containers are made using high-quality and durable steel, designed to last through the rigors of travel on the high seas or through rough terrains.
20' roll up containers

Speciality Containers

These specialized containers range in size from large to small. Discover our 45-, 53-, 8- and 9-foot containers with brief descriptions on our website.
40 ft standard containers

40' Standard Containers

These 40 foot containers can be used for storage purposes, shipping or accommodations. Call us to find out more about our rental and purchasing rates.
40 ft high cube containers

40' High Cube Containers

These are the ideal choice for people who have the requirement of transporting or storing larger items that will not be fitting into containers of standard size.
New Containers

20' Open Sided Containers

These open-door containers ensures that you can fit any large object that would not fit through a standard. Call us to find out more about our rental and purchasing rates.
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