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Rent Storage Containers and Shipping Containers

At S.E.A., we offer rental shipping containers from a fleet of well-maintained containers for a variety of uses. Whatever need you have, come to us to rent storage containers or rent shipping containers. Our shipping containers are made to withstand a variety of purposes, and have aided thousands of Canadians through various transportation and storage needs.

Through continuous improvement of our products, old shipping containers are retired and replaced by newer rent storage containers in perfect working condition. This ensures that you get good service for your freight requirements. A few uses for our rent shipping container fleet include the following:

  • On-site self storage
  • Mobile warehousing
  • Furniture removal
  • Domestic freight transportation
  • Site sheds

If you need to rent a shipping container within short notice, contact us for speedy delivery of high quality containers for a range of uses; you won’t be disappointed. The highest level of care is given to our rental fleet to ensure utmost safety of your property in transit or during storage.

All our rent storage containers have been in the fleet for less than three years. In addition, contact us about any modification you need to be made to establish whether we have a container in our fleet that can currently serve those needs. Where none exists, we can perform said modifications very affordably and transport the container to your location within the shortest time.

Contact us today for your rent shipping containers. We’re here to help.


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