If you rent a standard container for storage you can be sure of one thing: Whatever is inside will be well-protected.

Consider that ISO (International Standards Organization) shipping containers are built to withstand harsh ocean elements and heavy loads, you can rest easy knowing that whatever you need stored in your backyard or at your business is safe.

So it’s little wonder that shipping containers have become a popular means of storing contents. And with containers available in virtually every major centre it’s easy to see how they are changing the storage industry.

Shipping containers are also available with nearly an endless supply at a fraction of the cost that is usually associated with designing and building something as strong and durable as an ISO shipping container.

Typical storage containers are made from a weathering steel that is commonly known as Cor-ten steel. Cor-ten steel is corrosion-resistant and is used where exposed steel sections exist, like a shipping container.

Containers also have treated hardwood floors and come equipped with a cargo door, which seals tight to keep the elements and rodents at bay. They can also be opened at an entire end, allowing for large items to be loaded.

The last thing you need to decide is whether renting or buying a standard container is what’s best for you.

Companies generally offer daily, weekly and monthly rates, but won’t apply container rental fees toward the purchase of a container if you choose to buy later.

Generally speaking, it’s best to rent if you know need the container for a short period of time or, if you plan on keeping it on your property, how your neighbours will react to a container being there.