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If you are in the sea or road transportation business and are looking to buy shipping containers in bulk, there is no better place to turn to than S.E.A Containers. We have all kinds of containers for a variety of uses as well as in a variety of sizes.

Shipping containers come in different dimensions and specifications according to the specific requirements of the end user. Usually, in order to determine which product is best if you want to buy a shipping container, we consider the dimensions necessary as well as the weight of the loads that will be continually carried in the container.

If you have no idea what size and type of container would be best suited for you, simply contact our professionals with details of your intended use and we will guide you accordingly. In addition, if you want specialized containers, you can also contact us and receive guidance on possible modifications.

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At S.E.A Containers, we have a wide range of products from where you can choose and buy shipping containers. All our products have been specially designed with the highest quality in mind. They are sturdy and protected against vandalism through customized security modifications. In addition, we can ship these containers or transport by road to any location of your choice at minimal shipping costs.

Buy shipping container from S.E.A. Containers to ensure you get a strong, but lightweight product that will help you maximize your investment. Our products are durable, made to last after decades of continuous use.

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Conteneurs SEA offers sea containers at a competitive price, which includes small 10-foot containers.

10' Standard Containers

These containers are constructed using anti-corrosive and high-quality steel that offers enhanced rust properties compared to conventional steel. Such features help in improving the longevity of shipping containers that are used for single trip transit.
.E.A Containers sells small 20’ containers for your shipping and storage needs.

20' Standard Containers

These 20’ small containers are made using high-quality and durable steel, designed to last through the rigorous of travel on the high seas or through rough terrains.
New Containers

20' Open Sided Containers

These open-door containers ensures that you can fit any large object that would not fit through a standard. Call us to find out more about our rental and purchasing rates.
Conteneur S.E.A sells 40 feet sea shipping container .

40' Standard Containers

These 40 foot containers can be used for storage purposes, shipping or accommodations. Call us to find out more about our rental and purchasing rates.
At Conteneurs S.E.A. we offer you top of the line 40’ shipping containers for all of your shipping or storage needs.

40' High Cube Containers

These are the ideal choice for people who have the requirement of transporting or storing larger items that will not be fitting into containers of standard size.
Speciality Containers

Speciality Containers

These specialized containers range in size from large to small. Discover our 45-, 53-, 8- and 9-foot containers with brief descriptions on our website.
At Containers S.E.A., we aim to satisfy and constantly support our customers during all The process of buying or leasing containers. For this, we are counting on an excellent report price quality, Communication combined with efficient logistics and experience in the field of to rent of Containers.

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