Speciality Containers
Speciality Containers

Select from Range of Containers – High Cube or Small Containers

If you want to buy container, our repertoire consists of different specialty containers such as 45-, 53-, 8-, and 9-feet containers. Let us briefly look at them here.

8 Feet Containers: Due to their smaller height, these containers are able to easily fit into tight and small spaces. This small container is constructed using high-quality steel, it boasts of improved anti-rust properties. The floorboards are of marine-grade plywood.

9 Feet Containers: Similar to 8 feet containers, these are also small enough to get into small spaces. The containers are constructed to provide better rust-free properties, resulting in better longevity of these containers. In addition, the harsh conditions of cargo transit are better handled by its marine-grade plywood floorboards.

45 Feet Containers: These fall in the category of high cube containers and are generally 9 feet 6 inch tall on their exterior part. Compared to containers of standard height, these are one foot taller. It consists of corrugated steel panels as well as double doors which are lockable at one end. The flooring of marine-grade plywood makes this shipping container even sturdier.

53 Feet Containers: 53 feet container is also considered a high cube container and is one foot taller compared to other normal-sized containers. These are also eight feet six inches wide, which makes them six-inch wider than other standard containers. Other features include lockable doors, steel panels, and marine-grade plywood. These are considered ideal for industrial as well as commercial storage applications.

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