Should I buy a new or a used containers for sale? This is the question many people face when they are planning to buy a container. The details we will be sharing in the following sections will provide an answer and help you make the right decision. You need to consider the reason you want to buy shipping containers and evaluate the pros and cons of both options to reach the right conclusion.

Which One do I Choose ? A New or Used Container?

New Shipping Containers


No Fear of Toxic Material: Since new containers for sale have never been used, you have the assurance that nothing has been transported or stored in it before. So, no matter how you plan to use it, you don’t have to worry about the presence of toxic materials in the container.

Top Condition: A new container will be in mint condition, both inside and out. You will find it has newly painted with no scratches, dents, or marks on it. Moreover, you will not find any type of branding over it from previous owner of the container.

Meets Standards: If you want to transport a container on a container ship across the ocean then it needs to meet certain standards. When you get a new container, you have the assurance that it will be able to meet or surpass those requirements.

Protection of Contents: New containers have fresh seals, which ensure that the container will be water and air tight. The container will also be able to keep vermin, moisture, debris, and dust from getting inside, protecting its contents.

Forklift Pockets: New containers always have forklift pockets, which facilitate easier transportation. Older containers usually lack these pockets making them more difficult to maneuver.

Longer Warranty: New containers come with a longer warranty from manufacturer than used containers. This works as an assurance that your investment is well protected.


Expense: The cost of a new container will obviously be higher than a comparable used container, which might make you wonder if such investment will be worthwhile.

Specific Needs: If you are going to store sensitive items then spending more makes sense. However, if you plan to store less valuable items, such as documents or old machinery, then buying a new container is probably not the best choice.

Used Shipping Containers


Ideal for On-Site Location Officesused containers for sale are often purchased for on-site offices at construction projects. In any on-site location, aesthetics is not of primary importance so a used container in good shape will easily serve the purpose.

Cost Effective Option: The big appeal of used containers is their reduced cost. A used shipping container price can be 3 times lower than the price of a new container. Used containers are available in different grades and quality, so you can select a container that strikes the right balance, between its state or condition and the price you are willing to pay.

Availability in Different Grades: Containers are available in different quality grades. If they have dents or minor rusting they can be a real bargain!  For example, if the plan is to develop a secure backyard workshop or a garden shed, then a used container will easily serve the purpose and also help you keep the cost down.

Good for Use as Portable Toilets: Used containers are an ideal option for sporting events, exhibitions, concerts, etc. Buying a new container does not make sense, when the main purpose is to use it as a portable toilet.

Appropriate for Hiring Out: If you are planning to rent them out as storage or transport units,  then purchasing a used container is the right thing to do. They will be less costly at the onset, and will not lose value as fast as a new container, improving your profit margins.

Higher Durability: Even if it is a used container, it will usually have a sturdy construction. A sturdy construction is a durable construction! Older, used containers are also often well insulated, which protects the contents from adverse weather conditions.


Cross Contamination: If you plan to store sensitive or perishable items in the container you may not know what the previous owner was using it for. If the container was previously used for transporting or storing toxic items this may increase risks. In this case, purchasing a used container will not be the right choice.

Sealing Issues: A used container might lose its ability to provide water and air tight seal, which raises concerns about the infiltration of pests, moisture, and dirt. In this condition, the risk of damage to goods being stored or transported will increase considerably. In addition, containers with sealing issues will not qualify for use on container ships for transporting goods.

Lower Lifespan: Containers normally have a lifespan of about twelve years when used on regular basis. But, this lifespan will go down to eight or nine when used containers are utilized for transportation of cargo items.

A Final Note

As we can see, there are advantages and drawbacks to both new and used containers. Your choice will depend largely on the purpose of the container. You can also contact one of our experts, explain what your container needs are, and our experts will help you make the right decision.