Did you know that a shipping container has a variety of other applications?

1. Storage space

Create a storage! CONTENEURS SEA provides you with an additional space at a low cost.

With our different sizes available, you can modify the interior with racks and cabinets.

You can easily control humidity and temperature to keep your items safe.

2. Portable office

Have a place for operations on a construction site temporarily.

You can convert your shipping container into a functional office.

Have a central place at the project site with sitting space and equipment.

3. Site workshops

You can use 40 ft containers as mobile workshops where the work can happen on site.

Your project can carry on uninterrupted as all the machines are on site.

4. Mobile canteens

Use a container as a mobile kitchen or canteen. Offer snacks and meals to staff at a project site in a remote location.

Bring us your ideas and we will offer you the perfect facility for your needs!

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