How long will a shipping container last?

Shipping containers are known for their sturdy construction and last for several years without any problems even when they are in the harsh ocean conditions. Here, we will look at reasons behind their durability and also explore ways a container Montreal can be used, both for your business and as your abode.

Reasons Shipping Containers Last for Several Years

Used shipping containers tend to be long lasting due to several reasons, which are:

Ability to Withstand Extreme Conditions

Used shipping containers are manufactured in such a way that they are able to transport cargo safely even when the weather conditions are not good and that too over long distances.

Keeping note of such requirement, shipping containers are made to be extremely durable as well as tough so as to withstand rough weather where containers have to go through swirling water (with waves as high as 50 ft.) and high winds (sometimes blowing at a speed of 100mph). Thus, these containers are sturdy enough to bear the brunt of mother nature.

Structural Stability

Stability refers to shipping container’s ability to bear adversities as well as resist outside forces. Shipping container’s structural strength gives it required stability. Shipping container is built in such a way that they can bear heavy load and remain in stacked position for extended period of time. Moreover, these containers are capable of holding goods weighing several thousand pounds.

When used for other purposes such as a custom home or small office, these containers have to bear far less stress and the weight they have to bear is also significantly lower compared to cargo they carry.

Greater Longevity

Shipping containers are designed in such a way that they last for several decades. New shipping containers are manufactured in a manner that they easily survive for twenty-five to thirty years without a lot of maintenance. Used container for sale is normally sold after ten to fifteen years, when it is fully devalued by most companies for the purpose of tax accounting.

Since the condition they face when they are used as a small office or home are much less severe compared to what they have to face in the oceans, with little amount of maintenance these used containers are able to remain good for several years.

Moreover, weathering steel shipping containers utilize protects them from deep corrosion. If the containers are painted on regular basis then formation of rust can be prevented and the life of containers increases further.

Sturdy Construction

Use of corrosion resistant and heavy duty steel helps in preventing damage to containers. In addition, these shipping containers have weather resistant coat over them so that they can easily withstand extreme weather conditions.

These containers have sturdy construction, making it possible to easily stack them one over the other to create a multi-storied construction.

Uses of Shipping Containers

A used shipping container can be transformed into a sturdy home that can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition to it, a shipping container can be utilized for several other purposes, as temporary, permanent, and semi durable constructed structures.

Let us look at some of the common uses of these shipping containers.

  • Retail Shops: If you are planning to start a small retail shop or a boutique then used containers are an excellent option for the same. These used containers are available for much less price and prove to be an ideal option for small businesses that focus on sale of retail items. When the business grows, a company can easily stack several containers together to create more space.
  • Pop-up Stores: These used containers prove to be useful for large and seasonal retailers. These pop-up stores can function like an expansion of their storefront. Seasonal retailers often see a large influx of customers and the large amount of space offered by shipping containers proves to be beneficial for them. Seasonal retailers can utilize such used shipping container space instead of renting a storefront for a year.
    These containers are also very portable and help you setup your store anywhere you want.
  • Workshop/Studio: A business that focuses on specific skill training such as carpentry, photography, etc. will find used shipping containers ideal for such purpose. Due to inexpensive nature of used containers, such work studios can be setup with relative ease.
  • Construction Site Office: A popular option for construction site office, used shipping containers provide ample space and are the right option for storing construction tools and material at a safe place. These containers are ideal for tough condition that can be experienced on construction sites.
  • Ecommerce Store: Every ecommerce business needs a lot of space for storing inventory and used shipping containers provide ample space for this purpose. The good thing about containers is that these are available in different sizes and if you have higher requirement then you can select larger container and use it for both, store inventory and use a part of it as workspace.
  • Food Cart: Ice cream cart or a fast food takeaway shop can be set up using a used shipping container. These fall in the category of mobile shops and you can place these containers in prime locations to get attention of commuters due to their higher mobility. You can easily modify the container so that it has a service window to interact with customers.
  • Coffee Shops: All you will need is few chairs and counter space to sell coffee as we as serve customers. Small start-up businesses find it to be the right option to get things going.

A Final Note

As we can see, used shipping containers tend to be compact, sturdy, and extendable, making them an ideal option for constructing businesses and homes alike. These provide needed security to your home or business and can be easily modified as per your needs.

In addition, they last for at least thirty to forty years, proving to be the right option for constructing your business space or home.