NPSA is an abbreviation for the National Portable Storage Association which is a trade association with more than 450 members whose companies offer portable storage containers in various industries such as storage, shipments and even for sale to individuals. The NPSA sells and rents containers and those who join their association receive access to competitive resources for their company expansions and for intra company exchanges. A storage container as seen on trains and trucks traveling the country follows the International Standards Organization guidelines and are offered to individuals both corporate and public. The storage containers which NPSA offers have been decommissioned from international shipping uses and these containers vary in length ranging between 5 feet up to 53 feet, but the most common are 20 feet and 40 feet. These containers are steel made and resist corrosion, a practice which has become standard to any steel structures which are exposed to marine environments. The containers also have thick plywood floors and a cargo door which allows for a tight seal all while protecting your shipment or supplies from intemperate weather and external fauna such as rodents and arthropods. Being a member of NPSA gives access to portable storage containers which are available in different conditions as many will recognise that a container may have different uses accordingly to their proprietor’s needs. NPSA therefore offers shipping containers which have only been used for one trip as well as others which are only wind and watertight, Cargo Worthy and even those which are “as is”. One trip storage containers are less than a year old and have never been used. These containers have only had one trip, that is, from the factory to the customer’s door. Wind and watertight containers are retired containers which have served for approximately 10 years and are, as the name implies, wind and watertight. This provides clients with a safe and dry area to store and ship equipment and although they are not always aesthetically pleasing, as they are often painted over with various colours, WWT containers offer customers a safe storage option while saving money and not requiring a one trip storage container. For a container to be cargo ready, it means that it was both inspected and certified by a licensed inspector who inspected the container floors, doors, ceiling and structure. In joining the NPSA you will receive special offers and have access to multiple types of storage containers in their various conditions and which are ISO certified.