In the past decade the use of shipping conteiners as a material for houses has greatly expanded. People use the contenaires as modules for a house all while placing the contenaires accordingly to their wants. Although shipping contenair are relatively inexpensive, ranging between $2000 to $6000, a new buyer who is planning to use them as a module for their house needs to recognise a few important facts about shipping containers. Shipping containers are made of steel and although they are airtight and wind and water sealed, they do fluctuate in temperature according to their environment. Therefore a contractor using a shipping container as a module will need to insulate it to prevent extreme heat, cold, humidity and ultimately rust. To insulate a container, contractors can use foam, rolls and insulation panels. Although spray foam is more costly, it does however provide a top grade insulation which prevents both the formation of mold and corrosion. This method of insulating le conteneur is also the fastest insulation method and as it is a foam, it is flexible and easy to use to fill gaps. Although panel insulation is a easy form of insulation for novice insulators but the main problem is that it requires stud walls to fit and it is a more costly than roll insulation. Fitting roll insulation, also known as blanket insulation, is a bit more tricky for insulating le contener as they are often made of fiberglass insulation and need to be carefully handled, that is, it necessitates dust masks, gloves and safety glasses. Again, although foam insulation is the most costly, it also provides a seal which is stronger than roll insulation. Using storage containers has evolved from simple shipping boxes to much more. People have been using them as storage rooms, offices, buildings such as houses and even schools. The incredible variation of uses users have brought to shipping containeurs make the owner’s imagination the only limitation. They made of materials which are strong, reliable and durable as they were initially conceived to undergo extensive travel in harsh conditions. Those who wish to used shipping conteneurs as a building material must verify with their local municipal office and determine whether there are certain building permits which need to be obtained in order to used the containers as modules. It is also noteworthy to recognise that shipping containers cary various cargo in their worklife and it is therefore recommendable to remove the internal surface and apply a new coat of paint on it in order to avoid any problems.