The great hype nowadays is in finding affordable and reliable storage units which can be maintained at a specific temperature. Many reputable companies have been using insulated containers and refrigerated containers in various ways. Such containers are insulated with polyurethane insulation and their exterior with aluminum sidings all while being modifiable so that a customer may install lights and even temperature control system. Such systems allow for heating and cooling within the container at specific temperatures which is important as the industry is highly regulated. The storage containers are simply regular shipping containers which were created for freight transport of refrigerated goods. Refrigerated containers can have their temperature regulated to -65C all the way up to 40C. Reefer containers can be powered by diesel generators which allows for long road or rail journeys of the refrigerated goods. Depending on the type of product which is being transported or stored, clients can choose a wide range of insulated and refrigerated storage containers. The fresh produce which we enjoy on a daily basis in grocery stores across the continent are in part thanks to refrigerated containers which allow food to travel worldwide all while maintaining its freshness. As they are insulated and wind and water resistant, refrigerated and insulated storage containers are a great way to store one’s goods all while remaining economical. Reefer insulated storage containers can be modified but are made in a way to accommodate for heavy items and large quantities. Therefore whether you are planning to use a insulated or refrigerated storage container for tons of poultry or simply as a storage room for a restaurant, these containers can handle the job. They have cooling and heating sensors which detect temperature changes and allow for a constant temperature which will allow the product in question to be maintained in the upmost quality conditions. Although storage containers in general can keep temperatures stable in certain environments, they are not designed to stay at such temperature. A regular storage container is made of steel which attracts heat which is why cold storage containers are both insulated but also have an aluminum outer shell over the steel structure. This allows for minimal consumption of refrigeration all while keeping a constant temperature. The freezer storage containers are great for various businesses whether restaurant, grocery or even butchers. They are also a benediction to all companies who export and import produce as they allow for its freshness to remain for greater periods of time.