Buying a new container is almost the same as buying a used container. Used containers are as strong, durable and effective as new ones. During this hard economic time people are looking for ways to cut down on costs. Therefore, buying a used container and transporting it for various purposes can help out a long way.

Conditions vary when it comes to used shipping containers. Below are some of the features to look for;

1. Single Trip Containers

These are containers that are manufactured overseas and used to transport cargo; and are sold once it reaches the cargo destination. These slightly used shipping containers for sale are the best since they are in top notch condition as they have not spent so much time at sea. Apart from a few scratches, the containers are “like new” since they have not been handled many times like other used containers.

2. Cargo Worthy

These are containers that are suitable for ocean transportation of cargo. If you intend to use your container for shipping, ensure that you buy an inspected unit. Buying surveyed units will ensure that you don’t buy a damaged container.

3. Retired shipping containers

Retired shipping containers for sale also referred to as AS IS are the cheapest. They are containers that have been used for years and then retired by the shipping companies.

4. Modified containers

Most shipping container companies offer modification of these units to suit different needs. Whether you are looking for extra office space, a container home or a storage facility; there are tons of modifications that can be made to suit your taste and design.

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