The owner of Conteneurs S.E.A, Mr. Audet, wishes to meet the growing needs of general contractors, for shipping containers used for storage.

For more than 9 years, Conteneurs S.E.A has been offering services for the sale and rental of new and used shipping containers with or without modifications in Montreal.

You simply need to choose the size and type of new or used container you require, and we will deliver it directly to the desired location.

The assets of Conteneurs S.E.A reside in the form of quality customer service to answer your questions and needs. You have the opportunity to come see our large inventory of shipping containers to help you choose one that suits your needs.

In addition, the S.E.A Container prices are competitive thanks to a constant analysis of price developments on the market. Finally, the proposed new or used sea containers are of very good quality thanks to some repackages like waterproofing, painting or even steel, your goods or objects will be safe, regardless of the situation.

Why did you choose the shipping container as a product?

In Canada and Western Europe, the use of shipping containers for storage is on the rise. Many companies are realizing the value of owning a container to store products or create site offices for example.

The shipping container is much more than a simple steel box for transporting goods.

Solid steel

It is made of solid steel and is resistant than weather, fire, air, and moisture. As a result, the containers have exceptional durability.

The container being part of the common objects, is discreet and camouflages easily. The risks of theft or vandalism are thus very low. In addition, Conteneurs S.E.A uses a container locking system to secure the contents.

Essential for storage

The container makes it easy to store any type of object. So if you want to store your goods, tires, car or other vehicle, the storage container will meet your expectations. In addition to being easy to transport, the containers are stackable and come in different sizes, providing additional storage space.


The sea container is portable and can be easily moved to another location. There is no need for a building permit to move the container.


The container is rustic but can be easily modified via cutting and welding. Indeed, it is possible to add windows and doors to the containers so that you can create living spaces like an office or a lounge bar. In addition to the door lock system, you can customize the shipping container with paint, logos, graphics, insulation and shelves to suit you.

Examples of modified containers:

  • Lounge bar and terrace
  • Offices and workshops
  • Estrade
  • Stores

container Personalization


A strong Canadian dollar, lower raw material costs, and Canada’s container export deficit contribute to low container prices.

Different sizes

The sizes of new and used containers make it possible to meet different needs and fulfill uses.

  • Container 40 ‘std: 40’ X 8.5 ‘X 8’
  • Container 40 ‘hc: 40’ X 9.5 ‘X 8’
  • Container 20 ‘std: 20’ X 8.5 ‘X 8’
  • Container 10 ‘spl: 10’ X 8.5 ‘X 8’

We also produce custom sizes containers and we have a welding shop to meet the demands of our customers.


One of the most common uses for containers is for the storage of hazardous materials. Several factories, transport companies and government agencies use containers for this purpose.

In summary, the sea container is a reliable and convenient storage solution that meets the diverse needs and expectations of businesses and individuals.

At Conteneurs S.E.A, you can visit us to choose the size and type of container that meets your needs anywhere in the world. We have a large inventory of both new and used shipping containers in Montreal.