When we think of places to store our belongings, we typically picture traditional storage lockers or units. We are less likely to consider shipping containers as a viable option. The funny thing is, not only is it viable to choose a shipping container in such instances, it is actually preferable. In this article, we will explore the benefits of renting a used shipping container as a means of storage. You will find that, whatever your personal requirements are, a shipping container can meet your needs. Whether you are planning a local or long-distance move, a renovation project, or simply need a temporary place to store your goods, renting a shipping container may be your best option. Read on, and learn about the benefits of doing so.


One of the chief benefits of renting a used shipping container is the space it offers. Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the dimensions that best suit your needs.

Are you planning a move and require a lot of storage space? Choose a 40ft x 8ft container. Perhaps you are temporarily storing some office supplies and need a smaller space. Choose a 20ft x 8ft container.

Shipping containers tend to offer more space than traditional storage units, even at their lower cost. The more storage space you require, the more money you save. If you need multiple containers for long-term storage, and frequent access is not required, shipping containers are the perfect solution as they are stackable. In this way, you can utilize more of your property’s space.

No matter what your storage needs are, there is a type of shipping container for you.


Renting a traditional storage unit costs significantly more than renting a shipping container. Typically, storage lockers are contained within buildings. Since buildings require a huge capital investment, this cost is factored into the rent of each storage unit. Shipping container-based businesses do not suffer from this drawback, and can therefore offer storage containers at a much cheaper rate.


If you rent a storage locker, you will have to travel to that site every time you wish to store an additional item or retrieve one. This is time-consuming, tiring, and frustrating. Shipping containers, on the other hand, are mobile. They can come to you, which is especially useful if you are moving or renovating your home. You can store the shipping container in your yard or driveway. Whenever you need to store an item, you can walk outside your home and add that item to the shipping container. The solution of an on-site storage space can optimize the experience of renovating or moving homes. Once your storage project is complete, you can contact the shipping company and have the container delivered to their secure on-site location, or to another location, such as in the case of a move.


Using a shipping container as a means of storage allows you flexibility. You have the option of storing your container on your own property if space allows, or at the shipping company’s secure location.

Additional flexibility is offered in the form or rental times. In the case that you lack the time required to complete your move, you can contact the shipping company, and they will extend your rental time.


Shipping containers are extremely durable, boasting a lifespan of roughly twenty years. They are designed to withstand significant damage while traveling long distances. Rest assured, your shipping container and its contents will survive any threat, even the harshest weather conditions. Strong winds? Wail away! A heavy rain? Rain on! A hail storm? Pound away, but you cannot enter!

Not only are shipping containers perfectly weatherproof, but fireproof as well. Storing prized personal possessions can be nerve-wracking if their security is volatile. By storing your goods in a shipping container, you can rest easy as they are safe.


Not only are shipping containers durable, providing protection from natural threats like weather and combustion, they provide another layer of security. Shipping containers are made of solid corrugated sheet steel panels, and are safely locked. You never have to worry about break-ins as breaching your container is virtually impossible. If somebody even tried to break into your container, they would attract the neighborhood’s attention and prompt noise complaints.

If you choose to store your container on the shipping company’s premises, you will benefit from additional security in the form of on-site cameras and/or security guards.


As outlined in this article, there are a variety of great reasons to rent a used shipping container as your means of storage. They include: spaciousness, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, durability, mobility, and security. When we consider shipping containers, we tend to picture boats or cargo trains loaded with such containers, assuming they contain goods traveling from factories to places of business. We rarely assume they can be used for personal storage purposes. Hopefully after having read this article, you will view shipping containers in a whole new light and opt to rent one the next time you need to store personal belongings.