To the majority, shipping containers are for shipping goods from one continent to another aboard huge ships. Perhaps they have seen shipping containers turned into shops or homes but they never thought that the vessels could have any other applications. You may, however, be surprised by the various ways through which containers can be modified and customized to suit a number of applications just as discussed below-:

Swimming Pools

However strange as it may sound, shipping containers can be ingeniously converted into beautiful and functional swimming pools. Both the 20 foot and the 40 foot containers can be converted into pools with all the functionalities and conveniences present in ordinary pools. With such a pool, you don’t have to worry about expensive lining or common pool problems such as leakages. Additionally, it is quite portable and you can always move with it to your new home.

Barn House

Shipping containers are made of steel and have a unique feature in that they are fire resistant. They are also wind and water tight, thus providing the right conditions needed to store farm produce. For these reasons, shipping containers make a perfect substitution for barn houses, especially in places prone to storms and tornadoes because they are steady, well secured and can guarantee the safety of the contents stored therein.

Shipping containers for schools

The use of shipping containers for constructing schools is relatively new in the west, but in the Far East and other areas pressed for funds to construct schools, shipping containers have been used to construct schools and provide the community’s children with a place to learn.

Backyard Patio

Finally, you can easily turn a shipping container into a backyard patio and have a comfortable place to relax and enjoy some fresh air in your backyard. To make the container more suitable for this purpose, you may have to make some modifications such as installing windows to make it more comfortable during warm weather.