You want to purchase a shipping container? An expensive transaction deserves some hard thinking. Here are 4 questions to ask yourself before making this decision so that everything happens for the best.

What are the terms and conditions involved in the purchase of a sea container?

Each country and sometimes each city have their own regulations regarding construction and container modification. Remember to inform yourself regarding the security code and building codes for plumbing, electricity, gas, construction, and more. Get informed regarding whether you have the right to turn your sea container into a building, to properly invest in its construction, and to avoid paying fines.

What kind of transformations are required regarding your container?

Know from the start what you want to do with your shipping containers so you can make all the changes at the same time, from the beginning, and thus save money and time. Share the project you have in mind with professionals, and they will offer the best plans for a workshop, an office, a home and more. At S.E.A. containers inc., you can request a variety of changes such as adding doors, adding windows, electricity, heating, plumbing and more, which will enable you to complete your project, and to meet your storage requirements, affordably.

Is the shipping container you have in mind good enough?

If you’re buying a used container, it may be that it has been damaged over time. Try to inspect it yourself during the daytime, to ensure that you do not miss anything in the dark, or enlist the help of an inspector who will cost you very little. Take the time to look inside, outside, examine the roof, the floor, and any changes to identify traces of mold, breakage and sealing. Fortunately, at S.E.A. container, we offer only quality containers for the best price.

What are your priorities based on your budget?

Some choices are more expensive than others, so it is best to know what is most important when it comes time to modify a shipping container. For example, pay a little more for a higher container, or for external insulation leaving more room inside. Think first in its most basic aspects before you focus on what can be changed later without problems.

Are you able to take care of building it yourself?

If you build yourself a container house, the price can approach $ 600 / m², which extremely financially economical. Otherwise, you will need to hire an architect who will take into account every aspect relating to shipping containers, as well as the best ways to optimize them. The architect can then provide references to professionals regarding the construction. Consider working with people who have already modified containers to save time and money.

Buying a shipping container interests you? Acquire information regarding the different models of containers available, including 20 foot and 40 foot containers.