Shipping containers have been used for a long time to transport goods around the world. Due to their low cost of production, it was economically viable to leave them at the freight destination instead of returning them to their destination of origin.

As a result, architects and designers came up with the idea of repurposing these structures to come up with all sorts of genius creation. The trend over the years has evolved and we see offices, houses and business premises all made of these steel enclosures.

Some of the common uses of shipping containers are

Office space

Most construction companies use site offices made out of these containers, as they are portable and easily re-locatable after every project.

The office can also come in handy if you work from home and have no space for an office in the house. It is a tranquil way to work without disturbances. The offices are expandable and can be adjusted to your needs as the company grows and requires additional space.


Apart from industrial, commercial and accommodation, container units are also used widely for storage. There are different shipping container dimensions and can easily be customized to suit different storage needs.

If you are in need of storage containers, Conteneurs SEA Inc. will provide you with storage units for personal possessions, business supplies and other important items that may not be accommodated in your home or business premise.

Perishable and hazardous goods

Container units can also be customized to store or transport perishable and hazardous goods. For perishable goods, the refrigerated shipping container sizes include 20” and 40”. Some of the accessories that can be installed in the refrigerated container include container shelving, lighting PA doors, butcher doors and lock boxes.

Dangerous materials require being stored and transported using special containers. Container units can be customized to allow safe storage and transporting of hazardous materials, chemicals, flammables and combustibles.