New 20 feet Standard Small Container
20 ft standard containersOur fleet of 20’ small containers is made using high-quality and durable steel, designed to last through the rigors of travel on the high seas or through rough terrains, as well as for use as storage facilities for extended periods of time.

At S.E.A Containers, our 20’ container category comes in three different lengths, cubic feet, and width dimensions, so that you can choose the best product for your specific use. All containers are made completely wind-proof, watertight, and tamper-proof. This makes them a very popular choice as extended storage solutions.

Use our 20-foot small container to provide that valuable extension for your current space instead of living in a cramped apartment space with stuff you don’t need. The 20’ container can be availed for rental purposes or purchase. You can also choose between buying a new container and a used one in good working condition.

Whatever your choice, high cube or standard-sized, rest assured that your 20-foot container will be of the highest quality for secure shipping or storage, one that will protect your cargo through varying and adverse weather conditions, corrosion, and rust, as well as vandalism.

You don’t only have to use your 20’ containers for storage or shipping only. We can carry out modifications to tailor it for accommodation, warehousing, workshops, canteens and kitchens among many other things. Call us today and let us help you.


  • High quality, durable steel.
  • 3 different length and width dimensions to choose from.
  • Wind-proof, watertight and tamper-proof containers.
  • Protection from adverse weather conditions, corrosion and rust, as well as vandalism.


  • Length (ft): 20′
  • Width (ft): 8′
  • Height External (ft): 8′ 6′
  • Height Internal (ft): 7′ 9′
  • Width Internal (ft): 7′ 8
  • Weight (pounds): +/- 4850 lbs
  • Capacity (pounds): +/- 62350 lbs
  • Weight Maximum (pounds): +/- 67200 lbs
  • Capacity Cubic (cubic ft): +/- 1173 pi3

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