40 Feet High Cube Shipping Containers
40 ft high cube containersThe main feature of this 40ft high cube is that it is almost one foot taller compared to standard 40 -foot containers that are used for shipping. They are the ideal choice for people who have the requirement of transporting or storing larger items that will not be fitting into containers of standard size.

Another special thing about this high cube is that they are built using Corten steel with anti-corrosive characteristics, to provide better protection from elements of nature and other problems such as rusting. This means that they can easily be used as portable storage, storage units, or a mobile storage.

Similarly, the floorboards of this sea container are made using nineteen plies of plywood of marine grade to provide better moisture resistance and stopping termite and fungi attacks which makes our containers cargo worthy.


  • Weather proof vents – 4
  • Container with secure lockbox for added security
  • Stainless steel body with anti-corrosive characteristics
  • Easy handling ensured by forklift pockets
  • Nineteen plies plywood of 1.1″ or 28mm with marine grade features
  • Bar door handles with high locking features with handles at a height of 36″.


  • Payload: 58,625 LBS
  • Door Opening: 7’8”W x 8’5”H
  • Exterior: 40’L x 8’W x 9’6”H
  • Interior: 39’6″L x 7’8”W x 8’10”H
  • Weight: 8,575 LBS

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