There could be several reasons due to which doors of your used containers for sale are not closing properly. Our aim here will be to explore some of the most common reasons why this happens and also look at few of the things you can do to solve this problem.

Why used shipping container doors are not closing properly?

Bent Frames

Used storage containers generally function like a single unit for distributing the cargo’s weight. Due to this reason, if a frame is slightly racked or twisted then it will impart pressure on the door and prevent it from opening.

This issue commonly occurs while in transit and may well be the result of cargo shifting or shipping container damage. To find out the problem, you will have to perform an inspection of the container to find out whether the alignment of the doors is incorrect due to racking.

Poor Hinge Pin Condition

Bladed pins hold the door in place for a shipping container. As these bladed pins are made out of metal, they oftentimes corrode, especially during overseas shipping. Thus, it will be important to perform inspection of these hinge pins to make sure they are not rusting and improve their operation life.

Gasket Damage

Gasket play an important role in sealing the shipping container doors. Additionally, the gaskets also prevent water from entering the shipping container while under shipment. These gaskets are made in such a way that they can easily manage stress at the time of shipment and remain flexible during the transit. In event that these gaskets are damaged, then they turn inflexible and prevent the container door from opening.

It is worth mentioning here that locating problematic gaskets can be a difficult task since these are usually hidden while the door is closed and you will have to take help of experts to find out whether the gaskets have actually been damaged.

Build Up of Ice

Similar to car doors, water may well get into door jambs and freeze. Such buildup of ice will stop the door from closing in the right manner. Refrigerated cargo and cold weather are the main culprits behind this problem.

Racked Doors

If the container is not sitting flat you will experience this problem where the door won’t close. Normally, when this occurs, the front part of your container slopes in a direction while the rear end of the container slopes in another direction. When this happens, the container goes into a torsion motion and makes the door opening twist. The door opening also takes a diamond shaped form instead of remaining rectangular.

As a shipping container is usually rigid, the problem is noticed when the container becomes fully loaded. It will be difficult to know whether the container doors are racked till the time you try to seal them. At that time, you will find that the doors cannot be closed since the container is not sitting flat.

You will notice the problem only when the container is loaded since when the container is empty, its rigid structure will allow it to remain in shape without twisting or spiraling. However, when it gets loaded, the container is pushed down as per the ground’s shape and the structure of the container takes a twist. The end result is an elongated door opening that does not close.

Lack of Lubrication

If the bottom or top latch connection is difficult to operate and has become tight, it will be hard for you to open the shipping container’s door. Being a steel construction, the latches become tight due to lack of lubrication. Thus, to ensure smoother opening and closing of doors you need to make use of bearing grease for lubricating all the available connections and ensure effortless operations.

The Solutions

If the doors are racked then first thing you will have to do is try to close the doors to whichever distance possible and check the doors while standing a few meters away. You will have to check both bottom and top of the doors where the doors overlap or join. It is likely that you will notice that one door is at a lower level compared to the other door. You aim will be to lift up the lower side of the container. As soon as the corner is lifted, the door will be retaining its rectangular shape. You will find that the door should now close and open properly without any problems.

If it is difficult to lift that corner, you may well attempt to raise the corner that is diagonally opposite to it and you will be able to achieve the same result.

Things Not To Do If the Container Doors Are Not Closing Properly

Avoid Use of Fork Truck or Crow Bar

If you try to force open the doors, it can cause further issues. In worst situations, the entire container may well collapse. As such, it is better to understand the reason due to which doors are not closing so that right steps can be taken to solve the issue.

A Final Note

To conclude, it can be said that the issue of your shipping container doors not closing easily is a serious concern and you need to take immediate steps to solve this problem. You will have to make sure that when you buy shipping containers, the doors are not facing any of the above mentioned issues that often result in this problem.

Careful thought and proper implementation will help you in rectifying the problem and help you ensure that the doors continue to function properly on a continual basis.

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