Due to an increased need for space whether office, living or storage; people are looking for creative yet affordable solution. Repurposing of shipping containers in solving this problem therefore is increasing in demand at a high rate.

Below are some of the available options to suit different needs

Open top containers

These containers are a top loading facility and are used to transport or store tall, heavy or awkward cargo. It makes loading or unloading through the roof space using overhead lifting equipment easy. The open top containers come in different dimensions that include 20ft open top containers and 40ft open top container.

Insulated containers

Insulated containers are used to protect your stored merchandise from high and low temperatures. The containers are suited for storage or transportation of temperature sensitive products such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and foods. The insulated storage container dimensions to be used will be determined by the cargo to be stored or transported.

Refrigerated containers

For a company that handles volumes of perishable goods like meat and vegetables, a refrigerated storage container is very important. The refrigerated containers like other containers can be modified to fit your specific needs. Accessories that can be installed in the refrigerated units include container shelves, lock boxes, lighting PA doors, and butcher doors.

The containers are customized to either chilled or frozen models with adjustable temperature range. Therefore you can store your fresh produce at chilled temperatures, ice cream at hard frozen temperature and chemicals and explosives at controlled temperatures.

There are so many options out there, and finding the right company to help you choose the right unit is important. Conteneurs SEA Inc. is a business leader in this sector and has so much to offer, whether you are looking for storage container for rent or sale; they have something for everyone.