Container Modifications -
Container Modifications

Storage Container and Shipping Container Modifications

In addition to offering new and used containers with shipping services, we frequently get customers who have very specific needs requiring storage container modifications, which necessitate deviation from the standard product.

Shipping Container Modifications

For those customers, we offer shipping container modifications, services which are aimed at tailoring our product to be an exact match to our client’s needs. For instance, some clients intend to use containers as accommodation facilities, offices, kitchens, and ablution blocks for construction work as well as to store and/or transport dangerous/sensitive goods.

We offer the option of custom shipping containers which are designed to fulfill specific buyer requirements. Modifications can be made to both new and used storage containers, depending on the desire of the buyer, and the charge will depend on the extent of modification that must be carried out on them.

Custom Storage Containers

Our custom storage containers are made to suit your precise needs, from accommodation containers with every comfort required for a home to a dangerous cargo transporting facility. Our custom storage and modification services include, but are not limited to:

  • Installation of pedestrian doors
  • Installation of roll-up doors
  • Addition of windows and casements
  • Creation of mobile welding workshops
  • Industrial paintjobs and special effects
  • Any other modification according to client requirements.
This will ensure that you have the exact space, shape and type of custom container to suit your needs. You can be sure to have the same high quality services in modification of the custom storage container as we offer with all other products here at S.E.A. Containers.

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