New 20 feet Open Sided Steel Container
New ContainersThese new 20 ft storage containers can be customized to become open-sided 20 ft containers. The main benefit of this is that they allow for easier access and facilitate faster loading as well as unloading of cargo.

In addition, such 20ft container is the right choice when there is a need to transport goods that are of larger size and it would be difficult to fit them through any of the available normal doors.

The main feature of these containers available in Montreal is that they are built using steel with anti-corrosive properties, offering enhanced rust-proof features compared to conventional steel. Moreover, such steel provides improved structural integrity as well as better longevity so you could use them as mobile storage.

In addition to our standard containers, having 20ft shipping containers customized to have an open side, to be fully open, to have side access or to have a double door. This can also be done to our 20-foot high cube containers.

The marine-grade plywood we use also surpasses the quality of normal plywood that is used in other places. Last but not the least, floors have been designed in such a way that they bring down moisture content, helping to prevent problems such as termites and fungi infestation.


  • Constructed using anti-corrosive steel
  • Nineteen plies marine-grade plywood
  • Plywood of 28mm or 1.1”
  • Four vents, which are also weatherproof
  • Bar door handles with high locking features (with handles at 36″)
  • Secure lock box
  • Forklift pockets


  • Door Opening: 7’3”W x 7’1”H
  • Exterior: 20’L x 8’W x 8’6”H
  • Interior: 19’3″L x 7’6”W x 7’6”H
  • Payload: 60,190 LBS
  • Side door Opening: 18’9″L x 7’1″H
  • Weight: 7,010 LBS

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