Engineer firms, construction companies and field offices can all benefit from container offices as a mobile on site office.These shipping containers have been converted into offices which allows companies easy access for managing from the field all while remaining safe and out of the way. There are many benefits in using modified shipping containers including its strength. Using anti corrosive steel, shipping containers are built to withstand all types of elements, hot, cold, wet and dry. These mobile office structures allow safe remote work site offices which are easy to transport and easier to store as they are designed to be stackable. These portable offices are designed for various job applications which vary in length and in external environmental conditions. Container storage offices have evolved into much more than shipping containers. Most people forget and cannot recognise that they are in a mobile shipping container office as they are equipped with electricity and a finishing worthy of a newly built home. The mobile offices have different amounts of windows, doors and can even be mounted with air conditioning units and heating units depending on user requirements. These mobile offices originated in construction sites allowing for speedy, mobile, temporary offices yet as time progresses, more industries are seeing the varied uses for these crates. The mobile offices are easy to store and move all while being an easy secure office for the site in question. Although the mobile offices can be placed in many ways for specific needs, the general mobile office are 20 to 40 feet in length and 8 feet in width and height. One of the great qualities of these mobile structures is their security. Their frames are composed of steel and the offices are equipped with windows with security screens and protective pad locked doors. The container mobile offices can be equipped with landings, stairs and much more including washrooms, coffee rooms and multiple grades of furniture packages. In truth these container offices are handy as they are durable and easy to transport and store all while being cost efficient. There is in fact no need to look any further when in search of mobile offices as container mobile offices provide secure durable office spaces for all fields of work. Their reliability comes from their functional design as they are made to withstand snow and ice as well as the most arid lands available all while providing comfort and a lighted area for bureaucratic work.