As a first time shipping container renter, it might be overwhelming wondering where to start. To ensure that you get the best rent containers that will work for all your needs you need to choose the right container.

Below are some tips that you can use to choose the right shipping container.


You will need to have adequate delivery space where the shipping container will be placed. The ideal space required is twice the size of the container and you also need around 10 feet on a straight line.

Another thing you need to consider is whether your city or county have any restrictions on containers.

The area should also be leveled or the doors will not work properly; for uneven areas, you need to create wood blocks to even out the container. Ensure that the area is well drained to avoid flooding.

Container size

There are different sizes of container rental available and are described by their length and sizes. The most common sizes are 20’and 40’ containers. Conteneurs SEA Inc. a Montreal container rental company also has in their fleet bigger storage containers of 45’ and 53’in size. You need to have a clear idea of what you will use the container for, to be able to choose the right container.

If you need more space above, most storage container rental companies provide high cube containers. If you still are unable to decide, visit or call the company and describe your various needs and they will recommend the best unit for you.


Shipping containers comes as just a steel empty box with a basic wood floor. Depending on the use of the container they are customized to accommodate the needs of the owner. There are so many creative ideas when it comes to container customization; for ideas you can browse online.