Dimensions matter. You just won’t buy any container. You will have to specify the required dimensions when placing an order on phone, online or via Mail. The 40’ shipping container is the most commonly used because of their robustness and their ability to last long. They are also affordable and are easily adaptable to new purposes making them suitable ‘on the fly’ solutions.40 foot container can be purchased online from Conteneurs SEA Inc.

40’ shipping containers are popular and are not only used for cargo transportation. Top uses of 40’ containers include:

Goods Storage

40’ storage containers are perfect for storing non-perishable goods. The 40’ storage container size allows for fitting of shelves and can easily be ventilated. They are strong and hard to break. 40’ foot containers for sale are available in many outlets and can be purchased online.

Cold Rooms

With few modifications in the 40’ shipping container dimensions, this container can be converted into a cold room for perishable items. They can then be used at fixed locations or on flatbeds. They are normally powered by fossil fuels or plugged into a wall power supply. 40’ shipping container size makes it possible for large quantities of goods to be transported cheaply.

Office Space

There are many 40’ storage containers for rent in Conteneurs SEA Inc. that are considerably cheap compared to leasing office space in big office blocks. The 40 foot container size gives you full benefits of a normal office and they look more versatile. The 40’ storage container dimensions can be adjusted to fit the location, available space and it can be partitioned as required.


They are known to provide affordable housing and reduce construction time significantly. 40’ storage container size makes it possible to have many rooms and for a home, might need 3 or 4 containers. The 40 foot container dimensions can be easily modified to suit the type of home one might need.

Ablution Blocks

The cost of setting up ablution blocks is considerably high but 40ft containers can easily be converted into ablution blocks.

40 foot container weight is able to take in any weight with a gross maximum load of 67200lbs. This makes them the best means of transport in water/ road/ rail for long distances.